Share Certificate

Share Certificates let you lock in our best yields for your choice of terms for six months to five years. Set up several certificates of different terms to manage your cash flow and take advantage of investment opportunities if yields rise.

Minimum Balance: $500
No Monthly Service Charge


Certificate Rates - Effective Wednesday, July 18, 2018
Certificate TermAPYMinimum Deposit
06 MONTH CERTIFICATE0.400%$500.00
12 MONTH CERTIFICATE0.450%$500.00
18 MONTH CERTIFICATE0.500%$500.00
24 MONTH CERTIFICATE0.550%$500.00
36 MONTH CERTIFICATE0.750%$500.00
48 MONTH CERTIFICATE0.850%$500.00
60 MONTH CERTIFICATE1.160%$500.00
06 MO IRA CERT0.400%$500.00
12 MO IRA CERT0.450%$500.00
18 MO IRA CERT0.500%$500.00
24 MO IRA CERT0.550%$500.00
36 MO IRA CERT0.750%$500.00
48 MO IRA CERT0.850%$500.00
60 MO IRA CERT1.160%$500.00

Please call the credit union for Rates on Share Certificate balances over $100,000